How to keep your customers engaged with your social media 

Social media has become a huge part of sales for all businesses: using these platforms can really amp up your leads. This is exactly why businesses should maintain an active online presence. Being active is great, but it’s also important to talk to the people engaging with your brand.  If done correctly, it can also be used to insure you are delivering a great customer experience. Here are the top ways to engage your customers using social media: 

Post, post, post! 

You might think posting daily is too much, but don’t make that mistake. Social media is where your customers at, you must create and give compelling and useful content if you want to remain in their feed. It’s a crowded world out there and content both written and otherwise is the best way to engage your customers.

Respond as fast as possible

Turn your notifications on! One of top reasons customers move on is slow response. As a business, you must make a point of to regularly check your social media pages and respond to all questions and conversations that you receive. When replying to conversations, be personal and avoid the use of an automated responses except when necessary. Responding quickly can help you start up new conversations and give excellent customer service.

Ask for Your Customers Opinion! 

Looking to expand and grow your products or services? Ask for new ways you can help them. You can do this via polls or simple statements like which would you prefer? Staying on the same page with your customers means that they know what you are up to, and it will be easier to convert sales.

Ask and You Will (Most Likely) Receive. 

Encourage your customers to check in to your business via social media. Have them mention your business in their posts and when they post pictures relating to your business, share or comment on their post! These actions will make them feel valued and will spike up your engagement. A great strategy is offering a discount to check in or review your business online. 

Show the inner workings of your business 

Everyone loves to feel like they are part of something. Getting your customers to know the inner workings of your business via carefully curated videos can help to inspire a feeling of community and interest. Once your customers can trust you and feel like they have a stake in your business, they are more likely to stay loyal to you and your employees.  Make sure to share your employees and who they can talk to for certain issues (sales, customer service, etc).

Engaging your customers via social media is the most economical way to convert sales and keep your customers happy!