Why You Need An SSL

Why is it important for your website to have an SSL certificate?

The internet has served as leverage for several businesses over the years, the fact that anyone can have a website and display information and also take input from others is one of the key note in the modern day business. However, the internet has its own set of principles and guidelines; one of such is the Secure Sockets Layer certificates, SSL for short. Acting like a filter, it distinguishes safe websites from the rest of the pack. Asides this function, the SSL also has other functions making it essential for all site owners to have.

Here are the reasons why your website should have a Secure Socket Layer certificate:

Increase Site security

The first duty of SSL is to protect your data and enhance the security of your website. All server-client communication is encrypted by the SSL and this means that should the information fall in the wrong hands, you are absolutely secured because no one has the key to open it. This also protects you from the activities of hackers and keep your client’s information secured. Should you fall victim of a cyber-attack, your site’s data will remain protected.

Enhanced search engine ranking

Since 2017, the world leading searching engine, Google decided to give preference to websites secured with SSL and rank it even better. This move is in line with the HTTPS everywhere initiative and while the Search Engine Optimization ranking might not be considered substantial, it can help your prospects find you on the internet more easily. Having a Secure Sockets Layer certificate can give your business an edge over your competitors that are not secured yet, isn’t that some good news?

Improvement in Customers trust

A significant benefit of Secure Sockets Layer certificate is the fact that your customers can trust that their data is secure. This helps you to earn their trust as your website URL is displayed with a green padlock showing that the information they give out within the confines of your website is highly secured. This will also allow them take their security on the internet very serious. With the latest upgrades starting from the beginning of 2018, websites without Secure Sockets Layer certificate are being labelled as unsafe before it begins to load by the major browsers. In the nearest future, such websites may be prevented from loading at all.

Protects your subdomains

If you are a large business owner managing a site with different subdomains, the standard procedure is for you to get a Secure Sockets Layer certificate for each of your domain. With a wildcard Secure Sockets Layer certificate, you can secure all of your domains using a single SSL certificate. This means that you can do more with less and that is absolutely good for business.

No one will feel secured on a site when the browser tells them it is not secured. Secure your website using the Secure Sockets Layer certificate today and enjoy all of the other benefits that comes with it.