wordpress business

One out of every four websites in the world is powered by WordPress. That makes it a platform with a large universal following. At its core, WordPress is the simplest, most popular content management system you can deploy your website on. The relative ease means that it is a beloved of many website developers. Thinking about the abundance of Content Management Systems out there, one must admit that WordPress is doing good for itself.

As a free and open-sourced platform, there are a ton of contributors to the platform and people work to make it better every day. Several brands and companies trust the straightforward nature of WordPress and use it to power their content management system. The White House official website is powered by WordPress!

The big question is why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is a great platform but then, what is in WordPress for you? What are the features you stand to enjoy from using the Content Management System?

WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS you will find around

First-time website owner? You don’t need to be bamboozled with all of the technicalities that come with building a website. Let WordPress do the stressing for you. Aside from not needing to code while building your website, WordPress deploys to you the most User-Friendly Interface you will find just about anywhere. Even if you are not an outright beginner, the ease and friendliness of the WordPress platform will easily convert you. Don’t let the obvious simplicity make you think that the CMS can’t do so much for you; behind that simplicity is a very powerful CMS that will put you on the right track.

WordPress is free and Open-sourced

While you will have to pay for hosting, you will not have to pay for using WordPress as your Content Management System. WordPress is entirely free to use! As an open-source platform, developers and non-developers alike spend time to ensure that the platform gets even better. From themes to Plugins and other extensions that you can play around with to make your website even more appealing, you will find all provided by open-source contributors. The CMS gets updated fairly often and you will always find a hack to beautify your website even if you are not easily pleased.

Extend your website till infinity

Your website will probably be one of the most boring places in the world if all you just have there is your website and no extensions. Extensions change the way you use your website, allowing you to add new features on the go. Extensions come in form of Plugins; allowing you to add a new set of features with just a click. Since open-sourced contributors would have built the plugin for WordPress, there would be no issue of compatibility. Extensions can be pretty straightforward stuff like changing your website feel with the help of new themes. It can also be complex like installing an extension that gives you the tools to go live as an eCommerce store. With over 50,000 extensions, WordPress allows you to extend your website till infinity.

Excellent support at its best

It doesn’t matter what your website is set to do, WordPress issues the best of support to you. There are myriads of support systems through which WordPress will ensure that you get all the help you need. If your site needs to be seen on the search engine, the Yoast SEO plugin can help you bring your wildest dreams to reality.

Security at its best

In a world where the next global war has been predicted to be cyber rather than physical, securing your website is not a luxury, it is a right. Having seen hacks and leaks that have crippled empires and sent the stocks of conglomerates plunging, security is a must. Luckily, WordPress is a forward-thinking platform, there are several plugins you can download to secure your website. The option means that you can make informed choices and you will still be assured of your security. All the plugins are updated frequently to deal with the latest issues. It is also necessary to be proactive about your website security since security breaches are often as a result of human error. This is where the issue of a developer comes in.

A local WordPress developer will give your website the edge it needs; a lot of people feel that this is not entirely necessary since all operations are usually done virtually and that even a developer who doesn’t specialize in WordPress can give you value as well. In a few cases, you will see serious reasons why you should hire a local developer and it is better to play it safe ball rather than hire a general developer and regret it when you have a data leak or other compromise due to human error.

Here a few reasons why you should hire a local developer:

Technical support

If you are not particularly grounded in the technicalities of WordPress or building any type of website but you need your site up and running, you should hire a local WordPress developer. That way, you can be sure that you will get all the technical support you need with your website.

Better Website reach

A local WordPress developer will be no newbie with managing WordPress and this places your website in safe hands. The relative understanding of WordPress users can be deployed to make your website reach even more effective and efficient. A WordPress developer knowledge will also encompass Search Engine Optimization and how to place your brand in a position to benefit from this huge opportunity. You can be sure you will benefit from technical support and advice.

Greater security

With all of the plugins and add-ons that WordPress places at your reach, one of the major factors that cause security breaches is human error. You can safeguard against that and place your website at even a higher security level by hiring a local WordPress developer. You can be sure that your data is safe and that you have further militated against human error.

Advice on all things WordPress

When you hire a local developer, you can ask for advice on all things related to WordPress. This is because of the vast idea and knowledge of the developer can help you chart the right course to the next level. You can benefit from this expertise and take it into consideration beyond your website development.

WordPress is the Content Management System of choice for several brands, it should be for yours too.